GitHub, gratitude, love, open source, responsive, site, thankfullness
Andrea Buran, Marco Sampellegrini
concept, information architecture, information + interaction + visual design, front end development, copywriting

Open source authors and contributors need much more love from the community: those who initiate and share their projects, as well as those who participate and collaborate to constantly improve them, merit a big thank-you.

The intent behind Yo, This is Cool is having a space where you can thank the amazing people behind your favorite open source projects on GitHub.

Each letter of the Index page is associated to an interesting term as food for thought, which short definition introduces the related letter subpage.

A mandrake root as a mascot introduces the site: whenever you add a cool open source project to appreciate, she pops out and encourages you to scream your thank-you out loud.

The site is designed and developed in the browser in the vigorous SCSS + Compass tandem, with the help of HTML5 Boilerplate and Packery. Its backbone is structured in the mighty Ember.js + Loopback.

The font is Roboto by Google, while the emoji are Twit Emoji by Twitter.