commercials, documentary films, found footage, Philip K. Dick, science fiction
concept, footage search, spatial/temporal montage, sound collage/montage
UBIK Project exhibition, Hayaka Artı gallery, Istanbul
Prelinger archives

Ubik, Chap. 3:

Instant Ubik, has all the fresh flavor of just-brewed drip coffee. Your husband will say, Christ! Sally! I used to think, your coffee was only so-so, but now, wow! Safe when taken as directed.

Real commercials are edited and resemanticized in order to create fictional ones.

Ubik, Chap. 6:

We wanted to give you a shave like no other you ever had. We said, it’s about time a man’s face got a little loving! We said, with Ubik’s self-winding Swiss chromium never-ending blade, the days of scrape-scrape are over! So try Ubik! And be loved! Warning: use only as directed. And with caution.

Ubik, Chap. 9:

My hair is so dry, so unmanageable. What’s a girl to do?!? Simply rub in creamy Ubik hair conditioner. In just five days you’ll discover new body in your hair, new glossiness. And Ubik hairspray, used as directed, is absolutely safe.

Ubik, Chap. 11:

Taken as directed, Ubik provides uninterrupted sleep without morning-after grogginess. You awaken fresh, ready to tackle all those little annoying problems facing you. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Ubik, Chap. 17:

I am Ubik. Before the universe was, I am. I made the suns. I made the worlds. I created the lives and the places they inhabit. I move them here, I put them there. They go as I say, they do as I tell them. I am the word and my name is never spoken, the name which no one knows. I am called Ubik, but that is not my name. I am. I shall always be.