annual report, brand, financial, future, market, people, print, tourism
art director
design concept, graphic design, layout, typesetting
Wolfgang Scheppe Associates for Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd
Andrea Buran, Claudine Iselin, Mario Klingemann, Wolfgang Scheppe

The table of content of the annual report is spatially visualized through a mind map placed in a huge centerfold of the very first signature of the volume. The structure of the various chapters and subchapters is developed into sets of nodes arranged in growing concentric circles.

Readers can immediately grasp and navigate the overall organization of the content by following the connections between nodes.

The mind map evokes the wireframe of a tridimensional landscape so that readers can find their way through the content as they are exploring a new territory.

A global motion pattern is associated with each of the fifty profiles described in the chapter People Report. It represents all the locations reached by the interviewed person during his/her life by means of magenta arcs projected on a tridimensional world map.